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Hey, this is Hux.


Hey,我是黄玄,病毒种,进化程度不明,多出没于博客微博知乎TwitterGithubMedium 等地带,绝招尚在开发中。

职业是软件工程师,Web 工会活跃成员。曾被招募为淘宝网 · 阿里旅行前端工程师、微影时代 · 微票儿前端基础工程团队负责人、饿了么 · 大前端团队 · PWA 顾问

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Yet another man.

Hi, I am @huxpro (Huang, Xuan), a software engineer & a designer. I previously worked as Web Front-End Engineer at Alibaba Trip; Web Front-End Infrastructure Team Lead at; And Invited Consultant on PWA at

I studied Digital Media Art and graduated from Communication University of China by 2016, and am studying Computer Science at Rochester Institute of Technology from 2017.