About Me!

This is an ever growing page. I'll amend more contents as I go.

I consider myself as a creator. I focus my life around creating a lot of content. And I want to make a lot of products, articles, websites, organizations, apps, books (I haven't written any, yet!), new ideas, and visual contents.

I have always been fond of computers, so I studied IT in undergrad. Even though I have an IT degree, I consider myself a self taught developer. I acquired most of my knowledge in the area by myself, mostly by building open source softwares and small utility products. I don't think it matters what you use (software stack) to build to software. I have worked on Python, Javascript, Golang, React, Django, Java, etc... Use what you know and enjoy

Things I love and enjoy

I like building softwares/tools that solves small problems. I believe small softwares can a big impact on someone's life.

I like reading. Be it articles, books, or Twitter threads. If something looks interesting to me, I like to jump in and read it. I also keep a reading list on Notion (it's very long). Whenever I have free time, I like to pick something from the list and finish it.

I also take a lot of notes from articles and books. Most of it is private. But I'm planning to release it step by step. I used to take notes on Notion, but now I'm trying Obsidian

Just like my reading list, I keep a list podcast episodes and informative videos on Notion. When I'm not in a mood to read, I pick something from this list instead.

I love good Sci-Fi, Adventure and Drama movies and series. But I try not focus too much on it. I'm a big fan of DC Comics. I used to read comics, not anymore.

I enjoy good contents on Economics, Math, Physics, Data, AI, Cryptocurrency & Finance. If you find interesting contents on these topics, don't hesitate to share with me. I'd highly appreciate that.

I love Ethereum, a lot. It's a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications. It's also one of the places where finance and technology intersect. The future of finance and culture is being built on it. I'm working on a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) application at the moment.

I also like Emojis. I have decided to avoid emojis in this page. I belive in visual content. Emojis are one of best examples of that.

I enjoy being alone and focusing on my goals and ambitions, and I'm very individualistic. I like seeing the analytical point of view in things. I want to optimize my life for maximum learning and creating.

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